Enterprise-wide adoption of new implementations:

6 simple yet effective approaches to enterprise-wide adoption of new implementations:

When it comes to new reforms or digital transformation efforts, one of the main issues we see most firms encounter is adoption at scale. Here are some things that have worked well with our clients in terms of our solution's Adoption Strategy:

  1. The solution must, from the start, actually solve an issue. Add-ons and nice-to-haves are a one-time novelty that fades away over time.

  2. Market it, don’t enforce it.

  3. Create pilot program with focus groups that can help promote the endeavor in their respective teams.

  4. Training sessions & recordings. (Remember your favorite professor always made class fun!)

  5. Make it easy to understand and use on-the-fly, pop-ups and tool tips go a long way with this.

  6. Feedback loops and open office sessions.

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